The Company

In the 20s, with the coffee crisis, there were concerns about the labor excess in great plantations. To use it and integrate it into the community that established in Fazenda da Floresta, Juiz de Fora / MG. In April 1924, the beginning of the textile industry from a blanket factory. Later, in 1932, with new machinery fully imported from England (weaving) and USA (wiring) was transformed into S/A FÁBRICA DE TECIDOS SÃO JOÃO EVANGELISTA.
The consolidated company nationally, it became known for manufacturing 100% cotton fabric. Its production reaches from spinning, through modern weaving to finishing. In the hospital segment produces surgical dressing, cottony bandage and cotton FAROL.

With its over 105 years of experience, tradition and aware of its social responsibility, improves up to ensure a competitive environment and upgrade its industrial park to continue to maintain quality, agility and modernity inherent in its history.


To develop our products for the use of 100% renewable energy and rational use of water resources. The effluent treatment by biological system that allows you to return the treated water to rivers and also with the maintenance of farms whose crops are intended to reforest and generate fuel for the company, always in strict compliance with the rigorous safety standards required.

Sustainability is not restricted to the environment and social responsibility is not limited to actions or investments in social projects. They are concepts inextricably linked that add economic, environmental and social values.
Therefore, the company has adopted social responsibility for the benefit not only of the shareholders, but also of the environment and society as a whole, since the work is intended to minimize or eliminate the impacts from the production process.